Schoena Tree Farm
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About Us

Schoena Tree Farm and Nursery is a wholesale/retail grower of trees,  located near Hondo, Texas in Medina County.  The tree farm was established by the Bohlen family, and has been in production since the fall of 2001, with 7,000 trees currently being grown on 18 acres.  Trees are grown in a fabric bag in-ground for approximately 4 years.  Then, the trees are harvested and potted into 30 gallon plastic containers.  After 6 months of "rooting in", the trees are ready for sale.  The trees are well acclimated to the South Texas climate, and only trees that thrive in this area are grown.

Mission Statement

Provide South/Central Texas with quality trees, grown locally, that are well acclimated to the area, at an affordable price.

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